Intec Anti-Dustmite Protector

Even under normal room temperature and humidity and regular cleaning, textile floor coverings are always an ideal breeding ground for dust mites due to the inevitable accumulation of dirt, house dust and skin particles. Excrements of dust mites contain an allergen, which can provoke allergies and asthma.

Another important trigger for allergies are mould fungi. They thrive under the same climatic conditions as dust mites and have a liking for the same nutrients.

The Way to a Safer Environment

The Intec anti-dustmite protector has a reliable fungi and bacteriostatic effect against micro-organisms occurring on home textiles and textile floor coverings. The germs, deprived of their nutrients, can no longer proliferate.

The number of dust mites and micro-organisms is only insignificantly reduced by washing at low temperatures and by vacuum cleaning. The remaining number of germs can rapidly restore big populations.

With the Intec anti-dustmite protector the proliferation of dust mites is effectively and permanently hindered. Also material damage, discoloration, felting and the development of unpleasant odours are stopped.

How to Apply

In the home: The protector is applied at the same time as a carpet cleaning procedure.

In the workplace: The protector can be applied at the latex backing stage.